50 Tools and Tricks to Revolutionize Your Notetaking

Whether you’re a high school or college student, a small business owner looking to set up a new business plan, or someone who wants to be better organized with your errands, goals and regular to-do lists, there are a variety of tools to keep your notes and tasks safe and filed away online. These 50 tools and tricks will revolutionize your note-taking by introducing you to techniques and websites that let you share ideas, store your thoughts directly on a web page and more.

Bookmarks and More

Save your notes and favorite sites to your toolbar or sidebar with these bookmarks and other helpful tools.

  1. Evernote: Evernote captures images of web pages, to-do lists, pictures, and more to keep you organized. It’s a searchable tool that can be accessed from any of your computers or mobile devices.
  2. MyStickies: Firefox’s add-on is similar to Mac’s Stickies tool. Color-code, edit and manipulate sticky notes on different websites to organize your notes.
  3. Diigo: With Diigo, you can highlight text, annotate useful pages and search your saved sites.
  4. Notefish: Notefish lets you save web content, highlight, annotate, and edit your notes and keep all your research organized.
  5. Snip!t: Clip web pages and save notes with this tool. Snip!t can also suggest future searches and snips and let you share snips.
  6. Fleck: Fleck is an online bookmarking and annotating tool that lets you save and share sites.

Productivity Tools

These note-taking tools are all about boosting your productivity and staying on top of your course load.

  1. Toodledo: Toodledo is a web-based to-do list that lets you store and create numerous files.
  2. Nozbe: This task manager is based on the Getting Things Done principle. You can access Nozbe with your phone, browser or iPhone and even share projects.
  3. Remember the Milk: This cute tool lets you take down notes, to-do lists, and more. It sends you reminders via e-mail, SMS or IM and can be used with Google Calendar.
  4. Treepad Lite: This all-in-one organizer lets you set up a tree structure that best follows your brainstorming and note-taking style.


Share your notes and edits with classmates, students, colleagues and team members to get the most out of your research and brainstorming.

  1. HiTask: Share tasks, notes, projects and more with your team using HiTask.
  2. Backpack: Share project notes, post a group calendar, organize files and even use Backpack Messages to centralize your entire project with a team.
  3. Basecamp: Students, teachers, small businesses and anyone wanting to organize a project can use Basecamp to keep notes and tasks organized in a central location.
  4. Highrise: Highrise is a tool that helps you keep all of your contacts, messages and notes recorded from different conversations together.
  5. Ta-da lists: Create a ta-da list to share with others all the assignments you need to complete.
  6. 43 Things: Use the 43 Things community to help you achieve your goals by publicizing your to-do lists, plans for the future and things you need to remember.
  7. Purple Bunny: Scribble notes and questions in the margin of websites to keep your thoughts in order and get feedback from other users.
  8. Digital Notes: Use this open source social bookmarking tool to "write down" notes on websites and then share with your friends or classmates.
  9. WriteWith: Create documents with this tool to share your stories, brainstorming ideas, to-do lists and tasks with others.
  10. LooseStitch: LooseStitch is a fun tool that lets your organize and share essay notes, presentations, outlines, to-do lists and more.

Organization and Efficiency Tips

College students can use these guides and tips to become a more organized, efficient note-taker.

  1. Top 5 Tips for Effective Notetaking: This list includes a thorough list of tips that can help you be better prepared in class, improve your listening skills and more.
  2. Geek to Live: Take great notes: Learn how to find your own notepaper, organize your lists and more.
  3. Use online tools: Besides cutting down on the mess of papers and physical folders, online tools are faster and can be e-mailed, edited and searched more effectively.
  4. Taking Notes from Research Reading: The University of Toronto shares this list of tips to get the most out of your research time.
  5. Record your sources: Record all of your sources and annotations on the same page as the notes you take from that source. If you aren’t able to remember where you found the information, you may not be able to use it.


Check out these highlighters and other accessories to make your online note-taking more fun and organized.

  1. Wired Marker: Wired Marker is an online highlighter that permanently bookmarks your pages and selections.
  2. WebNotes: WebNotes is a beta tool that annotates and organizes your notes with a highlighter, sticky notes, filing system and more.

Large Scale Projects and Tools

Use these tools for larger scale projects that depend on the input of many team members.

  1. Kayuda: Use this mind mapping tool to keep all of your ideas, brainstorms and plans in order.
  2. Famundo: Famundo is a family organizer and business tool that lets you share events, calendars, notes and commentary, and more.
  3. FreeMind: Use FreeMind to prioritize and organize your ideas, plans and notes.


Record and manipulate your notes in these online notebooks from Google, Wiki, Microsoft Office and more.

  1. Personal Wiki: Set up your own personal wiki to organize your favorite sites, notes and more on your desktop or mobile device.
  2. Google Notebook: Google’s online notebook page lets you save, edit and organize notes or a text document easily.
  3. Microsoft Office OneNote: This "digital notebook" can be shared, edited, searched, and saved. It even lets you capture digital handwriting, audio and video recordings and more.
  4. Wridea: Add pages and tabs for every project, assignment, goal or story idea you have in your head.
  5. Writeboard: Work with others on your assignments and task lists with this tool, which uses Backpack to keep it all organized.
  6. yWriter4: This word processor lets you move around whole blocks of your writing or notes for maximum customized organization.
  7. Springnote: This cute little online notebook is based on wiki. You can try the personal notebook, group version or iPhone version.
  8. iLeonardo: This social research tool lets you share your notes and finds with friends.
  9. WebAsyst: WebAsyst’s online notepad is free and lets you organize notes in an online filing system.
  10. Zoho Notebook: Another free document tool, Zoho Notebook lets you share your text and embed multimedia content into your notes.

Multimedia and Multitasking Tools

These tools are made for more than just regular note-taking. Use them alongside services like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and more.

  1. Jott: Jott translates phone messages into to-do lists and reminders.
  2. Todoist: This online task manager works well with Gmail, your Firefox sidebar, cell phone and more.
  3. 30 Boxes: 30 Boxes is an online calendar that helps you prioritize events and take notes.
  4. Pageflakes: Pageflakes is a personal homepage generator and online community that lets you save favorite pages, connect to Facebook and Twitter, and more.
  5. ubernotes: Use this tool to "take notes from anywhere," including your browser, web apps, iPhone and cell phones, e-mail and AIM.
  6. Mecanbe: Mecanbe is a tool that helps you achieve your goals and manage your tasks according to your charts and notes.
  7. Twitterlights: This tool uses Twitter and the highlighting powers of i-Lighter to help you share specific excerpts with your Twitter friends.
  8. Net Notes: Save your notes on different websites saved to your bookmarks.
  9. Think Free: This office suite lets you edit documents and post to your blog remotely with Note; collaborate with team members to share notes with Workspace; and manage documents and brainstorms with My Office.
  10. Notely: Use Notely’s high school or college versions to access organization tools like a calendar, to-do list, upload area and room for organizing and taking notes.

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