Top 100 Musicology Blogs

By Kelsey Allen

Music is something that nearly everyone knows about-but we don’t all take the initiative to really delve into the subject. These bloggers have, and they examine history, theory, criticism, and more, all relating to music. Read on, and you’ll find 100 of the best blogs covering the study of music today.


Get a general look at musicology through these blogs.

  1. Musically Miscellaneous Mayhem: In this blog, you’ll find musicological musings, and a bit of miscellanea.
  2. 2’23": Phillip Gentry discusses musicology, politics, and more.
  3. Musicology 101: Chris writes about mashups, new music, and more.
  4. MMmusing: Check out this blog to learn about Michael Monroe’s views of music and more.
  5. Overflow: This blogger discusses the state of music today as art created for our sake.
  6. largehearted boy: On the largehearted boy blog, you’ll read about news in the music world, as well as find daily free and legal music downloads.
  7. Musicology/Matters: Check out this blog to read about musicology and new developments in music.
  8. Of Sound Mind: Of Sound Mind offers lots of thought on music and audio phenomena.
  9. Sounds and Fury: On this blog, you’ll find thoughtful writings about music.
  10. From Beyond the Stave: This is the musicology blog for Boydell & Brewer.
  11. Miss Music Nerd: Miss Music Nerd shares observations, ramblings, and more on this blog.
  12. Roger Bourland: On this blog, Roger Bouland writes about his thoughts on music and life.
  13. ThoughtLights: The ThoughtLights blog offers notes on notes.
  14. Good Noise: Leah Tallen writes about music history, new developments, and more.

Academics & Education

These blogs offer an academic look at music.

  1. Dial "M" for Musicology: These members of the American Musicological Society share their ideas on this blog.
  2. Catalysts & Connections: This blog writes about expanding dialogue in music education.
  3. musikwissenbloggenschaft: This blog is written by a student of musicology.
  4. Beyond Academia: This musicologist writes about musical creativity and more.
  5. The Digital Music Educator: This blog offers a new look at music education.
  6. Percussion Education: On this blog, you’ll find a variety of resources for percussion education.
  7. Texas Tech Music Theory: Check out this blog to find theory pedagogy, part-writing and more about music theory.
  8. The Rambler: This PhD candidate in musicology writes about contemporary classical music and beyond.
  9. The Music Teacher’s Blog: On this blog, you’ll find a variety of help and resources for music teachers.
  10. A Music Education Blog Collective: This collective blog features an array of writers offering thoughts and news about music education.
  11. Singing South African-ness: In this music academic’s blog, you’ll learn about ethnomusicology, South African Choral music, and more.
  12. Listen and Learn: This blog offers a variety of educational songs for school, home, and play.
  13. Alan Coady’s Musical Blog: Alan Coady’s blog offers a variety of music learning resources.
  14. Contrasting Periods: On the Contrasting Periods blog, you’ll find writings about music and teaching.
  15. Amusicology: Check out this blog to find an online forum for musicologists.
  16. Music Education: Espie Estrella shares knowledge about music education in this blog.
  17. I Am Sitting In a Room: This musicology student writes commentary and thoughts on classical music and beyond.
  18. MusicEdMagic: On this blog, you’ll get access to educational articles and resources for music.
  19. Music and Education: This blog offers information about developments in music education, and making learning about music more interesting.
  20. Diagnosed as Sound: This blog is used as a research companion to the blogger’s work in pop musicology.


Consider the ways that technology has influenced music through these blogs.

  1. Music Technology in Education: Dr. James Frankel discusses music technology as it’s used in education.
  2. Music, Education, and Technology: Learn about the intersection of music education and technology on this blog.
  3. Music Meets Tech: Hugh Sing writes about all of the technologies available to classical musicians on this blog.

Music History

Learn more about the history of music by reading these blogs.

  1. Today in Music History: This podcast blog offers a daily look at music history.
  2. Zeitschichten: Check out this blog to learn about music and history.
  3. Jazz Music History Blog: Hear stories of old jazz players and more on this blog.
  4. NC Music History Dot Com: This blog celebrates the history of North Carolina’s music.
  5. Music 000001: This blog contemplates the history of music from the year 000,001 to the present.
  6. Today in Music History: Find out what happened on today’s date in music history through this blog.
  7. The Rest is Noise: Alex Ross’ blog and book are all about listening to the 20th century.
  8. DJHistory: These bloggers write about the history of the world of dance music.
  9. Passionato: Passionato offers a look at the history of classical music.

Music Present & Future

These blogs write about current music, and what we can expect from music in the future.

  1. Sandow: Greg Sandow writes this blog about the future of music.
  2. Avant Music News: This blog offers news on challenging, interesting, and different music.
  3. Idolator: Visit Idolator to find music news, reviews, and gossip.
  4. On An Overgrown Path: Check out this blog to learn about innovation and new developments in music.
  5. Stereogum: On Stereogum, you’ll find an excellent resource for news, criticism, and more on indie and alternative rock music.
  6. Renewable Music: Read this composer’s blog to learn about music made for the long run.
  7. Future of Music: On Dave Kusek’s blog, you’ll find a discussion about the music industry, digital music, and more.
  8. Sounds Like New: This blog offers a look at the world of art music today.
  9. Musicwhore: Musicwhore covers the latest news and analysis in current music.
  10. FutureMusic: Check out FutureMusic to learn about gear, music production, technology, and more.
  11. Pop & Hiss: Visit the LA Times music blog to learn about the current state of music.
  12. Sounds Like Now: Saxophonist Brian Sacawa’s blog offers new music, thoughts, and ideas.

Music Industry

Students who want to make it in the music industry will learn from these bloggers.

  1. Music Business and Music Marketing Blog: Learn about music marketing and the future of the music business from this blog.
  2. Coolfer: Coolfer writes about new developments and trends in the music industry.


Learn about music from those who make it through these blogs.

  1. Soho the Dog: Matthew Guerrieri, a composer, pianist, and conductor shares his thoughts on music.
  2. The Concert: Learn about music life on the road from this blog.
  3. The Buzzing Reed: David H. Thomas offers this blog as an opinionated musician.
  4. A View from the Podium: Kenneth Woods writes about music, opinion, and life as a performing musician.
  5. Planet Hugill: London based singer and classical music composer Rober Hugill shares news, reviews, musings, and more on this blog.


These blogs focus on writing about classical music.

  1. PostClassic: This blog considers the death of classical music.
  2. Blog: Check out the blog to learn more about classical music.
  3. The Land of Lost Content: This blog provides readers with musings on British classical music.
  4. Jessica Duchen’s Classical Music Blog: Read Jessica Duchen’s blog for excellent insight into classical music.
  5. Classical Pontifications with Professor Heebie McJeebie: Professor Heebie McJeebie’s blog is all about the canon of classical music and current trends.
  6. aworks: Check out this blog to learn why "new" American classical music is a good idea.
  7. Classical-Drone: Caleb Dupree offers an inquiry into music, from classical to drone.
  8. Classical Music: David Stabler writes news and commentary about classical music on this blog.
  9. Iron Tongue of Midnight: Lisa Hirsch shares opinions and reviews on classical music on this blog.
  10. Slipped disc: Slipped disc is all about the classical music industry.
  11. Sequenza 21/: In this blog, you’ll find a contemporary classical music community.

Concert, Opera & Orchestra

In these blogs, you’ll find discussions about live performances in the opera, orchestra, and beyond.

  1. Opera Chic: Read this blog to learn about the latest developments in opera.
  2. Listen 101: Steve Hicken shares 101 essential pieces of 20th century concert music.
  3. on the record: Henry Gogel fights the idea of the death of classical music on this blog.
  4. The Art of Singing: On this blog, you’ll find a conversation about opera and singing.


See how music and culture influence each other through these blogs.

  1. Wayne and Wax: Read Wayne’s blog to learn about ethno-musicology.
  2. Eternal Triangle: This blog discusses the eternal triangle of relationships between American, European, and black Atlantic musical identities.
  3. Mind the Gap: Mind the Gap reminds readers that music is about more than how many MySpace friends you have.
  4. Blog in Dm: This blogger covers anything and everything about Jewish music.

Musical Analysis

Find criticism, theory, and more within these musicology blogs.

  1. Musicology Blog: Check out this blog to find research, writing, and critical analysis of music.
  2. Pandora Presents…the Musicology Show: Check out Pandora’s blog to learn about what goes into a song.
  3. Joe Musicology: Joe discusses composers, musicology, criticism, and more.
  4. My Fickle Ears Dig It: Stefan Kac offers his opinion on music that he enjoys, as well as thoughts about music.
  5. The Opera Tattler: Check out The Opera Tattler to get an objective look at operas and their performances.
  6. Feast of Music: Feast of Music writes reviews for performances in New York and beyond.
  7. behindEars: behindEars offers reactions to a variety of different music tastes.
  8. What I Like About…: Read Isaac Watras’ blog to find opinions about the Norton Recorded Anthology of Western Music.
  9. The Music Issue: Here you’ll find a stellar appraisal of sound.
  10. Lerterland: Read this blog from David R. Adler to find music criticism, particularly about jazz.
  11. Night After Night: This blogger writes about listening to music in New York City.
  12. An Unamplified Voice: Read the notes of an operagoer in this blog.
  13. Musical Perceptions: This blog covers everything about perceptions related to music.
  14. ByMusic: Check out the ByMusic blog to learn about performance, composition, and theory.
  15. Classical Musings: In this blog from Andrew Druckenbrod, you’ll find criticism and news about classical music.
  16. My Favorite Intermissions: This blogger writes about opera reviews and more.

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