Top 100 Science Fiction Blogs

By Kelsey Allen

Science fiction works tend to engender an enthusiastic following in the academic and literary world. Whether you’re interested in books, movies, TV, or a little bit of everything, you’ll find what you’re looking for in one of the Internet’s many science fiction blogs. Here, we’ll take a look at 100 of the best of these blogs to satisfy your craving for all things sci fi.


Whether you’re studying writing or just enjoy the genre, you’ll learn a lot about science fiction books from these blogs.

  1. io9: io9 offers a neverending dose of science fiction, with news, trivia, and more.
  2. Big Dumb Object: This blog covers a variety of science fiction, with books, TV and more.
  3. Suvudu: Check out Suvudu for science fiction and fantasy books, movies, and games.
  4. Forbidden Planet: Forbidden Planet celebrates comics, TV, and more in sci fi and fantasy.
  5. RevolutionSF: Check out this blog for short stories, news, reviews, and features.
  6. Hero Complex: This blog encourages readers to find their inner fanboy for genre films, graphic novels, and science fiction.
  7. Nuketown: Nuketown is a celebration of all things geeky, including sci fi games, movies, tv, and books.
  8. SFFMedia: SFF Media delivers unique perspectives on sci fi movies, novels, TV, and more.
  9. Phantazm: Phantazm offers an interesting look into parallel worlds and alternate views.
  10. Science Fiction and Other ODDysseys: This "shape-shifting blog" discusses books, TV and more in science fiction.
  11. Slice of SciFi: You’ll find movies, TV, books, and more on this sci fi blog.
  12. SciFi Blog: The SciFi Blog is all about sci fi, movies, books, and more.
  13. The Wertzone: This blogger writes about British science fiction, film, books, and computer games.
  14. Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin’ Blog: Stay on top of fantasy and science fiction news, giveaways, and more.
  15. Fantasy Magazine: This magazine is all about modern mythcraft, magical surrealism, and beyond.
  16. Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist: Check out Pat’s list to find the best of the best in fantasy.

Books & Comics

These blogs celebrate science fiction in print.

  1. Tor: Tor writes about science fiction, fantasy, the universe, and related subjects.
  2. SF Signal: This blog reviews science fiction books and more.
  3. True Science Fiction: Check out this blog to find sci fi reviews, free fiction, and more.
  4. OF Blog of the Fallen: On this blog you’ll find reviews, interviews, and more about literary and speculative fiction.
  5. Tobias Buckell: Tobias Buckell’s blog covers developments in Tobias’ writing and beyond.
  6. The Bodhisattva: The Bodhisattava covers reviews, interviews, and more on sci fi and fantasy books and comics.
  7. Apex Book Company: Follow Apex to stay on top of authors in science fiction, horror, and dark fantasy.
  8. Warren Ellis: Visit this blog to learn more about the writing and life of Warren Ellis.
  9. SpaceWesterns: Explore the genre of space westerns on this blog.
  10. Mike Brotherton: Mike Brotherton, a science fiction writer, discusses his writing and developments in science fiction.
  11. SF Novelists: This blog is full of science fiction author writings and more.
  12. Subterranean Press: The Subterranean Press features a variety of new titles from their authors on this blog.
  13. Bookspot Central: Visit Bookspot, and you’ll see reviews, interviews, and more about science fiction books.
  14. Bookgasm: Bookgasm is full of books and other reading material that you can get excited about.
  15. Craphound: Stay on top of the latest from writer Cory Doctorow on this blog.
  16. The Book Swede: The Book Swede has reviews, essays, free books and interviews for fantasy, science fiction and horror on this site.
  17. Bibliophile Stalker: This blog discusses speculative fiction and related hobbies.
  18. Iain Banks: You’ll find lots of resources and information about the writing of Iain Banks on this blog.
  19. Grasping for the Wind: Check out this blog to get high quality reviews on a variety of fantasy and science fiction books.
  20. The Galaxy Express: Learn about adventures in science fiction romance from this blog.
  21. Clarkesworld Magazine: Clarkesworld is full of science fiction, fantasy, and more from new and established authors.


Follow your favorite science fiction TV shows on these blogs.

  1. Stargate Atlantis: Get insider information and insight on Stargate Atlantis from this blog.
  2. Galactica Sitrep: This is an essential blog to read for Battlestar Galactica fans.
  3. The Watcher: Maureen Ryan’s TV blog serves up a healthy dose of science fiction TV.
  4. Sawyer’s LOST World: Visit Sawyer’s blog to get spoilers and more about LOST.
  5. Adama for President: This blog offers a fun look at a satire Presidential campaign from Battlestar Galactica.
  6. This blog celebrates everything that is True Blood.
  7. Heroes Television: Follow this blog about Heroes to find spoilers, sneak peeks, and more.
  8. Not Confused Just Lost: This blog is full of overanalysis of the series LOST.
  9. Torchwood is all about the latest news from the popular Dr. Who spinoff series.
  10. Karen’s LOST Notebook: Follow Karen’s blog to find updates and insightful commentary on LOST.
  11. The 13th Colony: This fan club blog offers a fun and interesting look into Battlestar Galactica.
  12. Fringe Fanatic: Get spoilers, news, and more about Fringe from the Fringe Fanatic blog.
  13. Sarah Jane TV: Check out the Sarah Jane blog to learn about news and developments from The Sarah Jane Adventures.
  14. The TailSection: Check out this blog for spoilers, news, recaps, and more from LOST.
  15. Dollriffic: Check out this blog to keep an eye on all things Dollhouse.
  16. The Four Toed Foot: This LOST blog aims to solve the mysteries of the LOST island.
  17. Fringe Bloggers: These bloggers offer a load of news, spoliers, theories, easter eggs, and more from Fringe.
  18. Star Trek Sci Fi Blog: On this blog, you’ll learn about the old TV show and new developments.
  19. Big Damn Crafters: Big Damn Crafters is a mashup of Firefly fans who also like to share handcrafted items.
  20. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog: This blog features videos and related media from the very popular Dr. Horrible web series.
  21. Watching Dollhouse: This fansite blog is all about Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse series.
  22. Get LOST with JOpinionated: JOpinionated has loads of videos, theories, and more relating to LOST.
  23. I Am a TV Junkie: This TV junkie shares news and more about Fringe, Battlestar Galactica, and other popular sci fi shows.
  24. Fringe Television: Fringe Television offers a friendly place to discuss the show and stay on top of the latest news and clues.
  25. Planet Gallifrey: Check out this blog to find all of the latest news and developments on Doctor Who and related shows.
  26. The ODI: The ODI is an awesome source for news, spoilers, and more from LOST.
  27. Galactica Station: In this Battlestar Galactica blog, you’ll find updates on webisodes, news, and lots more.
  28. Whedonesque: Whedonesque is a blog all about the world of Joss Whedon.
  29. Room 23: Room 23 is a gathering place for LOST fans to share images, spoilers, fan fiction, and more.
  30. Behind the Sofa: This blog offers a collaborative look at the world of Doctor Who.
  31. DarkUFO: This fan site for LOST will keep you updated on the latest news, theories, and more.
  32. Dollverse: The Dollverse is a blog that will take you inside the new Joss Whedon Dollhouse series.
  33. Lost Media: You’ll be able to find episode guides, spoilers, and other great information about LOST on this blog.
  34. Battlestar Blog: Check out the Battlestar Blog to find BSG news, reviews, interviews, and fan art.
  35. Tahmoh Penikett: This fan blog follows the work of actor Tahmoh Penikett of Battlestar Galactica and Dollhouse.


These blogs are all about science fiction on the big screen.

  1. SciFi Scanner: Check out SciFi Scanner to find news about sci fi movies, entertainment, and more.
  2. Star Wars Fanworks: Here you’ll find audio dramas, radio shows, parodies, and more for Star Wars.
  3. MovieCrypt: MovieCrypt offers previews, reviews, and more of movies with storytelling and supernatural elements.
  4. Can’t Stop the Serenity: Check out this blog to read about Serenity, Joss Whedon, and more.
  5. I Watch Stuff: This blog is full of movie news, with lots of sci fi features.
  6. Cinematical: On Cinematical, you’ll get clued into new developments, reviews, and more in sci fi and fantasy movies.
  7. Alien Experience: Check out this blog to find everything about Alien, Predator, and AVP.
  8. Starwars Buddies: This blog writes about Star Wars developments and other news in the world of science fiction.
  9. The Official Star Wars Blog: On this official blog, you’ll get access to the latest developments in the Star Wars world.

Science Fact

Serious students of science will love these blogs, where you’ll find an exploration of the true science behind science fiction.

  1. Biology in Science Fiction: Read Peggy’s blog to learn about the biology behind science fiction.
  2. Pink Tentacle: Pink Tentacle celebrates strange science in reality.
  3. Futurismic: This blog is all about the effects of science and technology, with a lot of sci fi thrown in.
  4. LabLit: LabLit offers a look at the culture of science in fiction and fact.


Find plenty of science fiction opinions on these sci fi review blogs.

  1. SciFi UK Review: This review blog is all about sci fi books, movies, and artwork.
  2. Fantasy Book Critic: Get a variety of reviews from this fantasy book criticism blog.
  3. The Future Fire Reviews: TFF writes reviews of books, films, and other publications in speculative fiction.
  4. SciFiGuy covers science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal book reviews.
  5. Fantasy Debut: This blog reviews anything and everything to do with debut fantasy.
  6. I Hope I Didn’t Just Give Away the Ending: Check out this blog to find speculative fiction reviews for fans and collectors.
  7. A Dribble of Ink: A Dribble of Ink discusses reviews, news, and more in science fiction writing.
  8. Neth Space: Neth Space provides readers with lots of thoughts and reviews on books and other media in speculative fiction.
  9. From a Sci Fi Standpoint: You’ll find thoughtful criticism of the latest science fiction works on this blog.


These blogs will keep you up to date on the latest developments in science fiction.

  1. SciFiChick: SciFiChick writes about news and reviews in the world of science fiction.
  2. Sci Fi Wire: On the Sci Fi Wire, you’ll be able to stay on top of the latest sci fi news, photos, and gossip.
  3. Science Fiction Crowsnest: This blog offers news, reviews, events, and a great sci fi community.
  4. SFScope: Check out SFScope to find science fiction, fantasy, horror news and reviews.
  5. Newsarama: The Newsarama blog discusses the comic book industry, film, TV, and more.
  6. Solar Flare: Solar Flare is full of science fiction and fantasy news, including reviews and episode guides.

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