Christian Distance Learning: The Best Online Bible Colleges

Whether you want to work in the ministry or just want to get a liberal arts education that’s Christ-focused and teaches according to your values and morals, bibles colleges can be a perfect choice. With the growth of technology in the past decade, many of these schools are now offering courses that students like yourself can take online, from the comfort of your own home. As more options become available all the time, there has never been a better time to start earning a degree from one of these religiously focused schools.

Before choosing a college, students should consider exactly what their personal and educational goals are. Some schools offer general Christian educations while others are focused on a particular denomination, which can be important especially if you plan on going into the ministry. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that the schools you are interested in offer the kind of program you want to pursue. While much is available online, not everything you may want to learn about may be available so keep this in mind. Finally, make sure to find out if the college is accredited. Most online schools will be, but it’s much better to be safe and find out beforehand rather than be sorry later when you have an expensive and useless degree.

There are a large number of bible colleges that offer distance learning courses online. In general, the school that will be best for you will depend largely on your personal goals, financial means, and desired degree program. There are a number of online tools available to help you find and choose a Christian college that’s right for you but make sure you check out these forerunners in Christian online education.

Liberty University was founded by Reverend Jerry Falwell and is one of the leading evangelical universities in the United States. With tens of thousands of online enrollees, the school has an expansive distance learning program that can help you pursue your career goals in a morally-centered environment. Degrees are offered at every level from Associate’s to Doctoral and allow students to follow their dreams in fields like psychology, religion and pastoral counseling. The school can be a great choice both for those simply looking for a Christian education and those wanting to pursue a religious career.

Grand Canyon University is another top online Christian distance learning option. With standout programs like the Ken Blanchard College of Business and a variety of options for students of all kinds, this school can be a great choice for those seeking a quality Christian education. Students can get their MBA in a values and ethics focused environment or pursue a degree in Christian Studies. The school does not offer programs geared specifically towards ministry and instead focuses on created Christ-focused educational programs that will let students pursue a variety of career paths.

In addition to these two schools, there are an number of great online Christian colleges such as the University of Saint Mary, LeTourneau University and Graceland University just for a start.

Top Distance Learning Schools

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