How to: Get an Accredited Distance Learning Degree Online

Whether you want to become a police officer or a kindergarten teacher, you’ll find an online college that can help you get the education and experience you need to make it happen. Your education is an investment, and like any other investment you’ll want to make sure that you’re protecting yourself from fraud and getting the most return on your money. Through research, careful decision making and dedication you can get a degree that will help you get the job you want without all the worry.

The first thing you want to do before enrolling in any distance learning program is to check to see that it’s accredited. There are six different regional agencies that evaluate schools to regulate the quality and level of teaching offered there. Those who meet the requirements will be granted accreditation, those that don’t probably aren’t worth your time and definitely aren’t good places to hand over your money to. Check with the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or the Department of Education for further information about accreditation. Often it’s best to check with an outside source about accreditation just to be sure.

Once you’ve weeded out all the colleges that aren’t accredited, you can start looking for those that offer the degree programs that you’re interested in pursuing. Look for schools that have at least a few years of experience in teaching online or that are well-known for their programs in your field of interest. You’ll also want to check out the instruction format to see how your courses will be administered. See how many students will be in a class, how easy it will be to work with professors and what your instructor’s qualifications are before committing to anything. If finances are of a concern to you, this is also the time to start looking into financial aid, through the school you choose, government programs or private scholarships. There’s a large amount of funding out there, so take advantage of it.

When you’ve found a program that you think will fit your needs, all there is left to do is enroll and start taking your courses. Once you’ve begun, your success is entirely up to you. You will not be closely monitored and will need to set aside time to study and complete your coursework in addition to whatever other daily things you have to do like work, caring for children and keeping up with your home life. Try to get the most out of the money you are paying for the courses by doing the work ahead of time, asking questions and participating actively in online discussions and forums. If you stick to it and work hard you’ll have the degree completed before you know it and be able to start on a new or improved career path.

Top Distance Learning Schools

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